Buenos Aires Farms

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  • Estancia Don Silvano

Estancia Don Silvano

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Tapica stay turastica for a field day with the possibility of staying hosted. His year osa grove its wide hull and 38 hectares. to travel to enjoy the generosity of our pampa ha º medals giving him an ideal framework for distensia ³ n. Good roasted Creole tinged with singing and dancing folkla ³ rich countryside activities tractor and carriage rides.

    City: Capilla del Señor, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 4582-1832

    Toilettes Sala de conferencias Restaurant Pileta Jardin Estacionamiento Baño Privado 

  • Haras La Viviana

Haras La Viviana

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Caba stay as 100 people and lounge varied activities. Da-as Field Events ...

    City: Castelli, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 4702-9633

    Baño Privado Bar Estacionamiento Jardin Pileta Restaurant Sala de conferencias solarium Toilettes 

  • Casa de Campo Gabriela

    City: Buenos aires, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 4956-1026

    TV Toilettes solarium Pileta Jardin Estacionamiento Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Finca Byblos

Finca Byblos

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Byblos has a farm field hotel rooms with en suite restaurant rooms for business and social events and spa.

    City: Carlos Spegazzini, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 02274-450053

    TV Toilettes solarium Sauna Sala de conferencias Restaurant Pileta Laundry Jardin Internet GYM Estacionamiento Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Mestiza Pampa Lodge

Mestiza Pampa Lodge

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PLEASURE TO 45 MINUTES OF BUENOS AIRES Mestiza is a place with character and personality a synthesis of modernity and the best traditions of design and Argentine cuisine.

    City: Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 4833-9293

    Aire Acondicionado Baño Privado Estacionamiento Internet Jardin Minibar Pileta Restaurant solarium Toilettes TV 

  • Pampas del Sur Hostería

Pampas del Sur Hostería

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Pampas del Sur was born to offer a place where to encounter yourself with the nature and tradition… where you will be able to enjoy of fun rural days, host in their rooms or organize all types of events surrounded by a natural environment…

    City: Cañuelas, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) (011) 1563812210

    Baño Privado Bar Estacionamiento Internet Jardin Pileta Restaurant solarium Toilettes 

  • Estancia La Brava

Estancia La Brava

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surrounded by a huge green the brave we stay immersed in the life of tapica field. tambo and its thick forest; ganaderaa and its agriculture with horse riding Creole.

    City: Junin, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) +54 011 5217-1082 / 5217-

    Baño Privado Jardin Pileta Restaurant solarium TV 

  • Isla del Jabalí

Isla del Jabalí

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the resort island of jabala covers 500 hectares in the best part of the island while its six-meter kila ³ beach are the only area of the sandy coastline maratimo

    City: Bahía San Blas, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) (54.11) 5555-4830

    Aire Acondicionado Baño Privado Estacionamiento Jardin Restaurant TV 



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There are three houses for rent hotel type of field. Two of them 4 stars and the third 2 stars casona tapica old century very well equipped. The first two for 8 people each and the third for 12 people.

    City: La Plata, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 011-4983-4294

    TV solarium Pileta Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Baño Privado 

  • Resort Tiburón

Resort Tiburón

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North of the Island Resort Jabala stands Tibura ³ n a hotel stay of 500 hectares with two and a half kila ³ meters of fine sand beaches and repairing large damage.

    City: Bahía San Blas, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) +54 011 5217-1082 / 5217-

    Baño Privado Bar Estacionamiento Jardin Pileta Restaurant solarium Toilettes 

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