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  • Santa María

Santa María

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LIVESTOCK FARMING At estancia Santa Maria intensive cattle feeding is carried on in implanted prairies together with a strategic grain supplement. Guest may watch or participate in the feeding plot rotation which takes place daily as well as in the cattle branding, horn-cutting, vaccination, castration, etc. AGRICULTURE Agriculture plays a vital role in Santa Maria. According to the season, guests may watch sowing, harvesting, spraying, prairie fertilization, haying and silo stacking. FLORA AND FAUNA In Santa Maria, geographically located in the Mesopotamia plains, it is possible to enjoy bird watching of many kinds of birds such as the “ñandu” (American ostrich), wild duck, heron, readhead, goldfinch, thrush, partridge, as well as other birds that migrate seasonally. Close to the state house, there is a large poultry yard with a variety of pheasants with attractive colouring and plumage. Other type of poultry and domestic animals fill the yard. Typical wild animals can also be found: otters, foxes, hares, deer, etc. Large herds of mares with their offsprings and large herds of cattle can be seen grazing in the prairies. HORSEBACK RIDES They can be organized to last approximately one hour with a suitable escorting, or more extended ones up to the streams banks which include a barbecue lunch before coming back. Old carriage-rides are also another option, either in a country Break or in an Americana from the early XX century. ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE SANTA MARIA City tours can be organized to the city of Gualeguaychu (30 km away) visiting its beaches, its thematical casino and its well-known carnival parade during the summer season. For golf lovers, Gualeguaychu has important golf links where this sport can be practiced for free. Palmar National Park and San Jose Palace dating from XIX century that used to belong to General Justo J. de Urquiza, first constitutional president of Argentina, are both worth visiting. OTHER ACTIVITIES Board games, cards, dards, books, etc DVD movies Direct TV

    City: Gualeguaychu, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 4-3727160

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  • El Ocaso

El Ocaso

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The Sunset invites guests to a different encounter with nature relaxation and wellness with itself.   The stay has a large hull parquizado day nfrom are two houses both campuses are n preparations for tourists to enjoy their maximum Estadao.

    City: Gualeguaychu, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) +541148960584

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