Entre Rios Cabins

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  • Cabañas  IVY MARAY


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Cabaa as for 4 and Camp Delta in Entrerriano. At just 170 kilometers from the Buenos Aires. N care and family atmosphere no more nor th Basic radios. Coast to fish homemade meals. See! Promotions are for two people weekend or Monday to Friday every week.

    City: Villa Paranacito, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 03446 15 631 410

    TV Jardin Estacionamiento Baño Privado 

  • Complejo Altos de Artalaz

Complejo Altos de Artalaz

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Cabaa ace category on 8000 m2 park parquizados fine fully equipped heating air conditioning. Personalized care and staff 24 hours. Pool wi-fi area internet service etc..

    City: Colón, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) (03447)15453355

    solarium Restaurant Pileta Laundry Jardin Internet GYM Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado Toilettes TV 

  • Cabañas del Paraiso

Cabañas del Paraiso

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Cabaa as five people fully equipped 5000 mts. Arroyo on Artalaz park close to the Colon Golf Club Hot Springs 3 blocks from the beach at 6 15 of the shopping center attended by their owners will.

    City: Colón, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 03447-422775/15447227

    TV solarium Pileta Jardin Estacionamiento Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Departamentos Don Cacho

Departamentos Don Cacho

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Departments for 5 people, 2 dormitories with sommier and TV by cable, heating, conditioned air, ventilator standing up and of ceiling, clothes of bed and bath, cosina with furnace, complete set of dishes, microwaves, refrigerator, Garage, grill, bath with hot water, special service of meals.

    City: Federacion, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 03456-481002/15512114

    Restaurant Internet Estacionamiento Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado TV 

  • Bungalows Termas Villa Elisa

Bungalows Termas Villa Elisa

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S Top 90 bungalows with a capacity of 2 to 7 people. Complex located within the Termas Villa Elisa. 41 acres of park artificial lake thermal salt water temperature in the wellhead 41A º C. Ideal to enjoy with family friends or partner. Tranquility nature relaxation recreation. Open all year o.

    City: Villa Elisa, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 03447 480687

    TV Restaurant Pileta Laundry Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Bungalows Solares de Colón

Bungalows Solares de Colón

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Bungalows with swimming pool fully equipped with A / AC heating ³ n Lea home a 2 TV 20 \with viideocable and DVD, fully equipped kitchen with microwave coffee maker juguera electric toaster. There was a bathroom with whirlpool, quincho Individual and parking. WI-FI

    City: Colón, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 011-42095046

    TV solarium Pileta Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 



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All furnished apartments, barbecue, parking. Great location, near mayor landmarks, downtonwn.

    City: Federación, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) (03456) 483040

    TV Estacionamiento Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 



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three bedroom for ten people 2 bathrooms kitchen / dining room with refrigerator with freezer stove microwave full crockery. Hot water heating will fans bed nets indoor gallery car and recreation park 1000 meters grill and swimming pool. Access road running water and no lighting

    City: Crespo y Ramirez, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 02229493387

    TV Toilettes solarium Restaurant Pileta Laundry Jardin Estacionamiento Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Annemarie


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Villa Paranacito you can do with a fishing excursions care of excellence in our fishing complex will offer first class accommodation dining tours and fishing boats modern and safe.

    City: Villa Paranacito, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 03446 495284

    Aire Acondicionado Baño Privado Estacionamiento Jardin Restaurant Toilettes TV 

  • Altos de Artalaz

Altos de Artalaz

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Complex caba 8 as of 1 and 2 bedrooms fully equipped with air conditioning swimming pool games for kids and excellent parquizacion. Maid service linen and breakfast included.

    City: Colón, Entre Ríos | Telephone: (54) 034447-15453355

    TV Toilettes solarium Pileta Laundry Jardin Internet GYM Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

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