Chubut Cabins

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  • Patagonia Encantada

Patagonia Encantada

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Cabaa as two plants located toward the slope of the hill and just 4 blocks from the commercial center of the city of Esquel. They are equipped with two bedrooms 2 and 1 sommier plaza. Maid service TV microwave full crockery heating will thermo regulated parking. Personalized attention.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) (2945) 41-7931

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  • Cabañas Walkirias

Cabañas Walkirias

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Known as one of the greatest landmarks in Argentina and the world, demanded by national as well as international tourism, El Hoyo, Chubut State, close to Epuyen river and surrounded by famous mountains such as Pirke, you can find our complex, Walkirias. A heavenly place, perfect for releasing tensions and and being able to connect internally with nature. This is a family business that offers the best personalized attention before, during and after your stay.If you want to be part of this one-of-a-kind trip feel free to visit and check for yourself theexperience.

    City: El Hoyo, Epuyen, Chubut | Telephone: (54) (011)1564068617

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Caba as complex and bungalows with park quincho and games for kids. Located on the slope of the hill in the residential district of Villa Ayele the National Park road Alerces. Cabaa as bungalows and great comfort and fine terminacia ³ n.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 011 43050261

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  • Cabañas Pailalen

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02945-453459

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  • Complejo Manu

    City: Puerto Madryn, Chubut | Telephone: (54) (02965) 455075

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  • Cabañas Ruca Mahuida

Cabañas Ruca Mahuida

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Caba 4 for 4 as 1000 people Lago services white maid laundry desayua o

    City: Epuyén, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 011154184-4022

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  • Cerro La Momia

Cerro La Momia

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We invite you to live free and be reunited with simple. Cholila is the ideal place to enjoy the beauty and peace. The murmur of crystal streams and clean air. Encua © ntrese himself and his family in an unforgettable paraaso ¡. Open all year o.

    City: Cholila, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 0297-154006820

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  • patagonia puelo ranch

patagonia puelo ranch

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: Maid service change of white slab heating with radiant will more there to enjoy the cold winter! Quincho individual barbecue garage home to Lea kitchen complete with crockery furniture and ra º stico decor of mountain living an unforgettable place gas and electricity all with a large park surrounded by mountains caba as 50 meters apart. each other and streams internal boundary andalusia Rio crystal blue waters and pra ³ ximo andalusia of water from Lake Puelo National Park.

    City: Lago Puelo, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02944/499411/412

    Restaurant Jardin Estacionamiento Bar Baño Privado 

  • Ruca Mahuida

Ruca Mahuida

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Caba 4 for 4 people as ea with full private bath heating and hot water will individually kitchen refrigerator under allowance - 3 bedrooms Dormis can complete shared bathroom - Restore No!

    City: Epuyén, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02945-499303 / 011-154-18

    Laundry Estacionamiento Baño Privado Restaurant Sala de conferencias TV 

  • Cabañas Raihuen Patagonia

Cabañas Raihuen Patagonia

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In Trevelin, close to the Andean mountain range, surrounded by wild nature and native woods, RAIHUEN PATAGONIA CABINS offers you the greatest combination of comfort and privacy in the region.

    City: Trevelin, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02945 15404983

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