Cabins in San Pedro

  • Complejo Tiro Federal

Complejo Tiro Federal

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The complex has bungalows and camping site. They are located on Avenida Costanera street and through the RAO just 800m from the downtown of the city. Open all year o. Full information

    City: San Pedro, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 03329-423408

    Restaurant Pileta Jardin Estacionamiento Baño Privado 

  • The Bakers

    City: San Pedro, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 011-15 54693491

    Baño Privado Estacionamiento Jardin Pileta solarium Toilettes 

  • Complejo Turistico Safari

Complejo Turistico Safari

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Safari has Bungalows complex and different Dormis categora ¬ ace. Pool fishing pier Quincho covered. Open all year o. CHECK THE PROMOTIONS! Bungalows along the shores or ra ¬!

    City: San Pedro, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 03329-420720

    solarium Pileta Jardin Estacionamiento Baño Privado 

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