Cabins in Esquel

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  • Patagonia Encantada

Patagonia Encantada

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Cabaa as two plants located toward the slope of the hill and just 4 blocks from the commercial center of the city of Esquel. They are equipped with two bedrooms 2 and 1 sommier plaza. Maid service TV microwave full crockery heating will thermo regulated parking. Personalized attention.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) (2945) 41-7931

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Caba as complex and bungalows with park quincho and games for kids. Located on the slope of the hill in the residential district of Villa Ayele the National Park road Alerces. Cabaa as bungalows and great comfort and fine terminacia ³ n.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 011 43050261

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  • Cabañas Pailalen

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02945-453459

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  • Aires Andinos

    City: Esquel , Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02945-451615

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  • Cabañas El Chaltén

Cabañas El Chaltén

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On an area of 2500 m2 with abundant vegetation and n excellent views over the mountain will have a group of 5 caba as a group of 6 bungalows the central services building and parking areas and parquizacia ³ n.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) (54) 02945-450951

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  • Leo-Tours


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Leo-Tours: It offers 6 fully equipped as Cabaa 84 m ea 2 bedrooms tarugado floors full bath art of perfume hair dryer kitchen and living room maid service and replacement of all linen dias.Parque confones for the barbecue and pool for adults and kids. Parking inside the complex.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02945-451992

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  • Cabañas Nativa

Cabañas Nativa

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We offer: A comfortable place comfortable and good ¡lido care n.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02945-454793

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  • Cabaña  Las Nubes

Cabaña Las Nubes

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Cabaa a single well-equipped for four people. Maid service dishes washing dishes cable TV DVD radio CD recorder � gas heating fans. In very attractive area near the road to La Hoya and the new coastal walk.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02965 433386

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  • Cipreses1111


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We are located in Villa © n Ayele a residential neighborhood that are going on the road to Trevelin. It is one of the most beautiful s secure and exclusive Esquel. All the houses are new many trees and a beautiful view. The distance to the center of Esquel is 2 km. The valley just to the 15 km.

    City: Esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) (54) 2945- 456878

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  • del sur apart

    City: esquel, Chubut | Telephone: (54) 02945 15699716

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