Apart Hotel in Villa La Angostura

  • El Corazón de la Bahía

El Corazón de la Bahía

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The heart of the Bahaa is an exclusive Apart from Cabaa as and Services â € œBoutiqueâ High Gammaâ € € | A balcony overlooking the ENSOa'ACION Pool Climatized in / out € ¢ â € ¢ Health \x26 Beauty Spa \x26 Fitness Club Center Club House â € ¢ â € ¢ Parrillaâ € ¢ € ¢ Muelleâ Beach. Rooms en suite with Jacuzzi DirecTV € ¢ € ¢ Wi-Fia € ¢ maid.

    City: Villa La Angostura, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) (54) 02944-475239/298/430

    TV Toilettes solarium Sauna Sala de conferencias Pileta Minibar Laundry Jardin Internet GYM Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Altos de Antilhue Apart Hotel

    City: Villa La Angostura, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) (0294)4495687/154627687

    TV Toilettes solarium Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado 

  • Apart Hotel Del Sir

Apart Hotel Del Sir

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Our hotel is half way between the center and the harbor of Villa La Angostura, it combines the precise balance of the peaceful native forest and the comfort to be near the center. We offer two room apartments with private bathroom with double Jacuzzi. We also have family apartments with a bathroom with Jacuzzi and a toilette in suite. All of them have a large dinning room, living room with a sofa, deck with a view to the forest and the mountains, central heating with temperature control in every apartment and kitchenette with cooker , microwave oven and refrigerator. We also have large common spaces like the reception, dinning room in/out and living room with a cozy fireplace. with the owners’ personal attention.

    City: Villa La Angostura, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) (02944)488248

    Baño Privado Caja de Seguridad Estacionamiento Internet Jardin Toilettes TV 

  • Casa del Bosque Aparts & Suite

Casa del Bosque Aparts & Suite

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The draft proposes a Hotel differentiating the work in the town lying on a natural slope it reflects the natural beauty and charm of the forest that surrounds it.

    City: Villa La Angostura, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) 02944 475229

    TV Toilettes solarium Laundry Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado 

  • Las Lomas del Correntoso

Las Lomas del Correntoso

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From 1986 to serve the guests the Las Lomas Correntoso Aparts \x26 Suites are set in the beautiful surroundings of Villa La Angostura a small mountain town surrounded by lakes and magnificent landscapes.

    City: Villa La Angostura, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) 02944-494361

    Baño Privado Bar Caja de Seguridad Estacionamiento Internet Jardin Pileta Sauna solarium TV 

  • Bahía Manzano

Bahía Manzano

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The best view of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Activities for the whole family. Comfort internationally.

    City: Villa La Angostura, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) 54 11 4331 4060

    TV Toilettes solarium Sauna Restaurant Pileta Laundry Jardin Internet GYM Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado 

  • Apart De La Plaza

Apart De La Plaza

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Caba aparts rate is 6 2 to 5 as paxs. All services WI-FI park playground Club House including breakfast careful attention we found in the 64.2 km Route 7 Lakes about 1.5km Center Arrayanes of lakes Nahuel Correntoso.Contacto and hiking.

    City: Villa La Angostura, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) 02944-494795

    Baño Privado Bar Caja de Seguridad Estacionamiento Internet Jardin Laundry TV 

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