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  • La Gambeta

La Gambeta

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Exelente cabaï ¿½ / stay three bedrooms and up to 8 people with a fleet of a hectï ¿½ area swimming pool own garden home to read ¿½ erlectricidad gas etc.. Located near the corazï ¿½ of Luyaba see map.

    City: Luyaba, C�rdoba | Telephone: (54) (0351) 4807351

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  • Camping Luyaba

Camping Luyaba

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 © s Want to know an amazing place? Visit ¡Luyaba one of the last few Pa ¡ramos of peace and quiet left in the province. And the best place to enjoy the Luyaba Camping. The best rest for only 10 pesos per person per day  ¡Â ¡Â ¡Â ¡¡you unplug completely!  ¡Â ¡Â ¡No Internet and no cable! Only the nature flora auta ³ ctona mountain fresh air and pool. Probe! Sanguchitos the craft of homemade bread and JAMA will raw cooked or salami bondiola ... already a classic was accompanied with an a beer or soda in the shade of a molle.

    City: Luyaba, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) (0351) 4807351

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