Rosario 3 Star Hotels : Rosario Como en Casa

Furnished apartments - temporary rental Passenger revenue department with certain characteristics for a certain time which was handed the keys of the same and which pays a fee to advance ³ n. The rent is a form of temporary accommodation in which the passenger has advantages such as more privacy greater comfort / utility equipment that offers property where prices are comparatively affordable and the passenger chooses to function n a preference location of in the city. So we hope that passengers will feel at ease and comfortable with how the rental unit. However passengers should know that the rental of an apartment is not equivalent to a hotel because first and foremost the property is in an area where people live and coexist so that prompted the passenger best behavior and use to the department and with its neighbors. Reservations You place an order for a department via mail or telephone ³ nica. We received the order and start the booking process: Requesting a payment of 30% of the Estadao advance. You are requested passenger data in order to prepare for the voucher. Once the payment of 30% and the passenger received the data we will send the voucher and the reservation is efectivizada. This reserve of 30% can be paid in cash bank depa ³ sito from Argentina or credit card.

TV Internet Estacionamiento Baño Privado Ascensor Aire Acondicionado 
Telephone & Address
  • Address: Juan manuel de Rosas 1805
  • City: Rosario, Santa Fe
  • Telephone: 0341 4860126
Other Information
  • Rooms: 1
  • Floors: 6
  • Check in: 10:30
  • Check out: 10:00
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