San Pedro Farms : Refugio Moconá

Located in the Reserve BIA ³ sfera Yabota which enters solely with senior vahaculos preferably 4x4. 8mil hectares. 8 km of forest. the ¡Mocona Falls. Within the campus there are trails streams waterfalls and parquizado. Besides s with a waterfront view Mocona ¡Provincial Park. It has 8 bedrooms bathrooms and dining with quinchos grill and proveeduraa. Proposed activities include hiking kayaking mountain biking and sightings of flora and fauna in the jungle.

Toilettes solarium Restaurant Jardin Estacionamiento 
Telephone & Address
  • Address: Reserva de Biosfera Yabotí
  • City: San Pedro, Misiones
  • Telephone: 03752 421829
Other Information
  • Rooms: 8
  • Floors: 1
  • Check in: 08
  • Check out: 13
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