Pino Hachado Cabins : Huskys de los Pehuenes

We live on the site but Vargas and wonderful that we can find in Northern Patagonia a few yards from the lamite with chili in the middle of the Andes mountain range surrounded by increables Araucaria araucana or pehuenes Mapuche language. The mountain environment is evident at every turn the Curia Rationum construction ra º n ¡micas panora views from every window of caba as horse and dog sled around! Ndonos. Long mateadas desktop and on the edge of foga ³ No cooking Lea ¡n allow us to plan the day of departure and make comfortable ndores ¡n the course.

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Telephone & Address
  • Address: Pareje Tres Hermanas, Paso Internacional Pino Hachado.
  • City: Pino Hachado, Neuquén
  • Telephone: 02942 499300
Other Information
  • Rooms: 2
  • Floors: 2
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