Mar de Ajó 2 Star Hotels : HOTEL PUENTE AREAS

Sea Aja ³ offers various activities such as: ADVENTURE TOURISM: travesaas Methods damage in Punta visit to the wreck Bahaa Samborombom Horseback Palya Snails Cemetery Panora Point ¡mico Circuit Safari trips to lakes TOURIST STAYS: visit to the rural Zorzales graphic and photographic Safari Camps NAUTICA PEZCA And if you like fish will find here! Pier s over most parts of the coast 270 meters long and finishes in a 25 x 25mts snout OTHER OPTIONS: in the lagoon Horcones: windsurfing and ski acua ¡tico.

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Telephone & Address
  • Address: Belgrano 1397 entre Av. Colón y Alte Brawn
  • City: Mar de Ajó, Buenos Aires
  • Telephone: 02257-420125
Other Information
  • Rooms: 35
  • Floors: 3
  • Check in: 10:00
  • Check out: 09:00
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