Arnaga is an elegant country house in the year 1942 belongs to the family of Ortiz Cardenas located in the rural town of Lesser 20 minutes from the capital you wake up with the birds and the green the mountains. All rooms are different and pleasant view park with vegetation n typical of the area and surrounded by the hills of the Andes mountain range. The house full of charm and good taste where you can enjoy a quiet and unparalleled personal service and an exquisite with a wide and warm common area furnished with comfortable sofas and dining room where they serve different breakfasts and dishes produced by artisans from the area On the outside stone dominates and large windows which translates into a grateful natural luminosity inside the house. Arnaga means in Basque â € œlugar where the springs arroyoâ €. It was the residence of Edmond Rostand French Basques in the Pyrenees today and historic monuments and museum and the owner of the house or close by the Basque Country is to put this name and said: â € œTu you come to our home  ¡Salud! But if you come to participate long time ... Do not enter more than your heart n. Do not bring anything in the world And what says genteâ € Edmond Rostand March 1903

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Telephone & Address
  • Address: Maria Julia Sola 309 - Lesser - San Lorenzo - Salta
  • City: Salta, Salta
  • Telephone: 0387 - 4921478
Other Information
  • Rooms: 6
  • Floors: 1
  • Check in: 9:30
  • Check out: 12:00
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