3 Star Hotels

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The hotel has 17 HAB. STANDARD carpeted with sommier beds cable TV NDD with TE / DDI ceiling fan private bath and 5 HAB. SUPERIORS s addition to the above services are equipped with air conditioning for Split Queen bed 1.60 m TV 20 ' safes and hair dryer.

    City: Las Grutas, Río Negro | Telephone: (54) 02934-497-800

    Toilettes Laundry Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado TV 

  • Hotel San Pedro

Hotel San Pedro

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Large and bright rooms with private bath - Cable TV - doctor service - attended by its owners will - park - quincho - Covered parking --

    City: San Pedro, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 03329-426529

    TV Toilettes Restaurant Laundry Jardin Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Playas Hotel

    City: Pinamar, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 02254 482236

    TV Toilettes solarium Sala de conferencias Restaurant Pileta Laundry Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado 

  • Hotel Casablanca Palace

    City: Cosquin, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03541-451090

    Aire Acondicionado Baño Privado Bar Caja de Seguridad Estacionamiento Internet Jardin Laundry Minibar Pileta Restaurant solarium Toilettes TV 

  • Hotel Riviera Pinamar

Hotel Riviera Pinamar

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The Riviera is in a privileged place in the beach and two blocks

    City: Pinamar, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 02254 482334

    TV Toilettes solarium Sala de conferencias Restaurant Pileta Minibar Laundry Jardin Internet GYM Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 



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The hotel has two sections: North Wing and South Wing 28 rooms 2 parks swimming pool and solarium parking decks spa lounge and home reading Lea a.

    City: Villa de Merlo, San Luis | Telephone: (54) 02656475118

    TV Toilettes solarium Sauna Pileta Laundry Jardin Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Hotel de la Aldea

Hotel de la Aldea

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3 STAR HOTEL WITH single double triple and quadruple in connection with two BAÑOS DDN-DDI-CABLE TV -- SERVICES RESTAURANT BREAKFAST and Confectionery FAIR EVENTS games room tourism services INCOMING.

    City: Alumine, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) 02942-496115

    TV Toilettes Sala de conferencias Restaurant Minibar Laundry Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Bar Baño Privado Ascensor 

  • Hotel Benevento

    City: La Plata, Buenos Aires | Telephone: (54) 54-02214237721

    Aire Acondicionado Ascensor Baño Privado Bar Caja de Seguridad Estacionamiento Internet Laundry Restaurant Sala de conferencias Toilettes TV 

  • Hotel del Viejo Esquiador

Hotel del Viejo Esquiador

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The solid comfortable ¡¡fireplace in the living room of multiple uses and friendly bar s the most personalized attention makes your Estadao s is more comfortable.

    City: San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén | Telephone: (54) 02972-427690

    TV Toilettes Laundry Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado Ascensor 



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The warmth of your home facing the lake. On the main street a few blocks from downtown and surrounded by a lush vegetation n may enjoy a privileged view of the lake and beautiful gardens. Run by a friendly staff and a very cozy and quiet atmosphere we will feel at home.

    City: El Calafate, Santa Cruz | Telephone: (54) 02902-493235-306

    TV Toilettes solarium Restaurant Laundry Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado 

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