Cordoba 2 Star Hotels

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  • Gran Hotel Victoria

Gran Hotel Victoria

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Historic hotel in the heart of Cordoba Argentina and who devotes a TANGO.

    City: Córdoba, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 351-4210198

    TV Toilettes Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Baño Privado Ascensor Aire Acondicionado 

  • Hotel Italia

Hotel Italia

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The Cordoba Mountains offer many landscapes to experience nature adventure sports and history. We wish to offer the best of us to rest have fun and live to their maximum Estadao; enjoy our warm and pleasant sense of well-being ... Family Strazza

    City: La Falda, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03548-422017

    Toilettes solarium Sala de conferencias Restaurant Pileta Laundry Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado TV 

  • Posada Jardín del Cerro

Posada Jardín del Cerro

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Located at the foot of the mountains Calamuchita girls. Comfortable rooms for 2 3 and 4.

    City: Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03546/422801

    solarium Sala de conferencias Pileta Minibar Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Baño Privado Toilettes TV 

  • Hotel luna serrana

    City: Capilla del Monte, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03548-488207/208

    TV Toilettes solarium Pileta Minibar Laundry Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 



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A building completely recycled conserving the beauty of its essence and to offer all the comforts of modern life. It is located in a preferential place in the city its short distance to the mall and its majestic mountain views Uritorco gives an atmosphere of calm and relaxation

    City: Capilla Del Monte, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03548-481667

    TV Toilettes Sauna Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado 

  • Mayoral Hotel

Mayoral Hotel

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A few miles from the mountains and 110 km from Cordoba Ca ³ rdoba Capital hotel of 30 rooms with private bath AA Ceiling Fan Phone Cable TV garage roof closed and monitored wi fi Vta to prod reg Restaurant and Bar meeting room for up to 15 n comersales.

    City: Río Tercero, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03571-428558

    TV Sala de conferencias Restaurant Internet Estacionamiento Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • Colina del Valle Hotel

Colina del Valle Hotel

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NATURE OF ENSUEa'OS MAGICA: 3 star hotel on the mountains and 10 blocks from the heart. Exclusive rooms with Jacuzzi air conditioning and great view

    City: Mina Clavero, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03544-471177

    TV Toilettes solarium Sala de conferencias Restaurant Pileta Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

  • hotel jalisco

hotel jalisco

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Located inside the helmet comfortable ntrico © Carlos peace while at the foot of the mountain to dining room with air conditioning bar. 24 pm. Personalized attention and open all year

    City: Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03541-424561/427200

    TV Toilettes solarium Restaurant Pileta Jardin Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado 

  • Hotel Zapata

Hotel Zapata

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A place in the mountains

    City: La Cumbre, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03548-492058

    solarium Restaurant Pileta Laundry Jardin Internet Estacionamiento Bar Baño Privado TV 

  • Alfil Parque Hotel

Alfil Parque Hotel

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Alfil Park Hotel and Spa It offers 55 rooms in 9000 m2 with new proposals and services. THE HOTEL HAS INDOOR HEATED POOL with Jacuzzi and Fitness Center. WI FI throughout the hotel, Covered garages within the same farm, restaurant, large solarium

    City: Villa Carlos Paz, Córdoba | Telephone: (54) 03541 428985

    TV Toilettes solarium Sala de conferencias Restaurant Pileta Minibar Laundry Jardin Internet GYM Estacionamiento Caja de Seguridad Bar Baño Privado Aire Acondicionado 

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